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Quote #1

I'm not one of these kids who's had their college plans set in stone since they were about five. (1.2)

Um, okay. And that makes Sutter pretty normal. The difference is that, by senior year, most people at least have an idea.

Quote #2

Her parents seem to like me better in a tie. I guess it fools them into thinking I'm going somewhere with my life. (10.19)

Well, sure. Ties are sexxxy! Uh, except that's probably not why Cassidy's parents like him better in one. Probably, like most parents, they want their kid to be friends with people whose plans extend past the end of high school.

Quote #3

I was never big on the future. I admire people who are, but it just never was my thing. (12.1)

Okay, saying that the "future" isn't your think is kind of like saying "breathing" isn't your thing. Doesn't matter if you like it or not; it's still going to happen.

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