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Character Role Analysis

Sutter and Ricky

Sutter and Ricky start out as best friends, with similar interests, i.e. partying and drinking. But when Ricky starts dating Bethany, he does a 180. While Sutter's still partying and getting drunk every day, Ricky stops drinking and smoking, and starts going to church with Bethany. And while Sutter's breaking it off with Aimee, Ricky's getting more and more serious about a future with Bethany. In the end, they just can't maintain the friendship.

Cassidy and Aimee

Cassidy and Aimee are just about as different as you can get. Cassidy is a big, gorgeous, confident social butterfly and political activist, while Aimee's a nerdy, quiet, plain loner with only one friend. But Sutter loves them both – and they each bring out something different in him.