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The Spectacular Now Love Quotes

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Quote #1

And the fact is I am a romantic. I am in love with the feminine species. It's a shame you only get to pick one. (5.27)

Ughhhhhh, Sutter. (1) There's no such thing as the feminine species. We're all just people. (2) Being a romantic != being a commitment-phobic player.

Quote #2

Because – and this is more confusing yet – they expected me to shift into some gear that my love mobile just couldn't seem to reach. (10.8)

See, it's not exactly that Sutter doesn't want to be a good boyfriend—it's that hereally doesn't understand or know what his girlfriends want. Gee, maybe that's his dad's fault. You think?

Quote #3

She opens her eyes and gives me a warm smile. There's love in it, but not the kind that sticks. (35.54)

Uh, we're not sure how Sutter knows about what kind of love sticks, since we're pretty sure he's never experienced it. Still, a good way to make sure you never end up happy is to reject the "wrong" kind of love.

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