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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Resources


Heeeeeere's Timmy

Tim Tharp's author website

Forever Young

We seriously hope you don't need this, but we can't let you go without a brief PSA. Here's a message to teens from Alcoholics Anonymous.

Movie or TV Productions

The Spectacular Movie

See Sutter in his award-winning action.

Sutter Takes a Tumblr

Ugh, these two are too cute. Sickening.

Articles and Interviews

Page to Stage

This movie review covers the book pretty well, too.

Captain Kirkus

Kirkus Reviews thinks the booze has more bang than the book.


Tharp Thinks Thoughts

Find out where the idea for Sutter came from.

Articles and Interviewa

Careful with that Knife – it's Tharp

More about Tim's take on YA lit.



Appropriate Audiences

This trailer actually makes the movie look heartwarming.

Aimee Talks

Okay, if you can ignore the silly hat, Shailene Woodley is pretty cute.



Does listening to the ebook count as drinking and driving?


Cover Up

Is it just us, or does this cover remind anyone else of the titles for a Bond movie?

Sutter's Whiskey and 7

Can we see some ID?

Love is in the Air

Fire up the Jimmy Buffett.

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