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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Respect and Reputation Quotes

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Quote #1

"Dude, you are not a shallow party boy. Anybody that'd say that doesn't know the first thing about you." (12.18)

Sutter may not be a shallow party boy, but it doesn't seem like he's giving people much of a chance to figure that out. It seems like Ricky might be the only one who knows the real Sutter.

Quote #2

A couple of friends – or quasi friends, actually – call out, "What's the rush, Sutter?" and "Yeah, is there a fire or a party?" But I don't have time to trade jokes right now. (20.17)

Sutter sees this as friendly teasing as he runs to meet up with Aimee, maybe even a sign of how popular he is. But just like when Aimee didn't get the jab about her coat at the party, he's oblivious to the mean little jab.

Quote #3

At the keg, the three dudes in line turn and give me a salute. I'm just the kind of guy people like to see at a party, I guess. (29.12)

Uh, you guess? We guess Sutter doesn't know exactly what his reputation is, since he can't see that these guys were making fun of him. We're not saying you should always try to fit in, but if even guys standing in line for a drink are suggesting you drink too much—well, maybe you should re-examine your life choices.

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