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The Stranger

The Stranger

by Albert Camus

Friendship Quotes Page 2

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #4

"I’ve got some blood sausage and some wine at my place. How about joining me?" I figured it would save me the trouble of having to cook for myself, so I accepted." (1.3.6)

Typical of Meursault, he joins in friendship with Raymond Sintes not for any good reason, but because there is no good reason not to.

Quote #5

[H]e asked me again if I wanted to be pals. I said it was fine with me: he seemed pleased. (1.3.7)

Meursault doesn’t choose to form a friendship; he allows friendship to happen to him.

Quote #6

Raymond gave me a very firm handshake and said that men always understand each other. (1.3.13)

Indirectly a commentary regarding women’s (frivolous) place in Meursault’s life, Raymond and Meursault seem to have established the bond for male friendship and understanding.