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The Stranger

The Stranger


Albert Camus

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The Stranger Man and the Natural World Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #7

Soon after that, the sky grew dark and I thought we were in for a summer storm. Gradually, though, it cleared up again. But the passing clouds had left a hint of rain hanging over the street, which made it look darker. I sat there for a long time and watched the sky. (1.2.8-10)


The sky changed again. Above the rooftops the sky had taken on a reddish glow, and with evening coming on the streets came to life.

Meursault spends a relaxed but pensive afternoon watching the street scene from his upstairs apartment. The changes in the sky mirror his changing moods.

Quote #8

Then the street lamps came on all of a sudden and made the first stars appearing in the night sky grow dim. I felt my eyes getting tired. (1.2.11)

Let’s get this straight: the hot sun makes Meursault tired; the night sky makes Meursault tired; the flowers make Meursault tired…does this guy do anything but sleep?

Quote #9

The sky was green; I felt good. (1.3.3)

We’re looking for a color motif here…Earlier the sky was blue and gold, and now it’s green. Go "hmm" on that one for a while.

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