The Stranger
The Stranger
by Albert Camus
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The Stranger Philosophical Viewpoints: The Absurd Quotes Page 3

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How we cite the quotes:
Citations follow this format: (Part.Chapter.Paragraph). We used Matthew Ward's translation, published by Vintage International published in 1989.
Quote #7

[H]e asked me again if I wanted to be pals. I said it was fine with me: he seemed pleased. (1.3.7)

Meursault observes the emotions of others with a strange and almost scientific detachment. "He seemed pleased," he records, as though he’s watching through a fish tank.

Quote #8

He [Raymond] asked if I thought she was cheating on him, and it seemed to me she was; if I thought she should be punished and what I would do in his place, and I said you can't ever be sure, but I understood his wanting to punish her. (1.3.11)

Meursault’s response to Raymond’s question signifies his belief that one can never be sure about anything in life (much less the sex life of Raymond's mistress).

Quote #9

I tried my best to please Raymond because I didn’t have any reason not to please him. (1.3.12)

Meursault himself, on the other hand, doesn’t feel any of these normal emotions himself.

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