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Quote #10

Flipping through a file, the prosecutor asked her bluntly when our "liaison" had begun. She indicated the date. The prosecutor remarked indifferently that if he was not mistaken, that was the day after Maman died… "Gentleman of the jury, the day after his mother’s death, this man was out swimming, starting up a dubious liaison, and going to the movies, a comedy, for laughs. I have nothing further to say." (2.3.18)

Meursault is made an easy target because he doesn’t feel sadness like a normal person.

Quote #11

They [the jury] had before them the basest of crimes, a crime made worse than sordid by the fact that they were dealing with a monster, a man without morals. (2.3.20)

Because Meursault doesn’t feel sadness, he is considered to be amoral.

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