The Stranger
The Stranger
by Albert Camus
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The Stranger Women and Femininity Quotes Page 3

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Citations follow this format: (Part.Chapter.Paragraph). We used Matthew Ward's translation, published by Vintage International published in 1989.
Quote #7

Together again, Marie and I swam out a ways, and we felt a closeness as we moved in unison and were happy. (1.6.7)

Meursault’s "happy feelings" toward Marie are really only based on physical feelings (like the "closeness" of their bodies).

Quote #8

We swam a few strokes and she reached out and held on to me. I felt her legs wrapped around mine and I wanted her. (1.6.9)

Meursault never says anything about Marie as a person. She could really be any nameless woman, since all he likes about her is that she is, in fact, a warm person to have sex with.

Quote #9

Marie shouted to me that I had to have hope. I said, "Yes." I was looking at her as she said it and I wanted to squeeze her shoulders through her dress. I wanted to feel the thin material and I didn’t really know what else I had to hope for other than that. (2.2.7)

Even while he’s in prison, Meursault can only be comforted by the physical, not by words or emotional support.

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