The Sun Also Rises
The Sun Also Rises
by Ernest Hemingway
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The Sun Also Rises Love Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

For four years his horizon had been absolutely limited to his wife. For three years, or almost three years, he had never seen beyond Frances. I am sure he had never been in love in his life. (2.1)

Despite the fact that he’s been tied to certain women, Jake suspects that Cohn has never really been in love with them – Cohn doesn’t have an understanding of what love really is, beyond obligation.

Quote #2

"You’re getting damned romantic."

"No, bored." (3.35)

This brief interchange between Brett and Jake (Jake is the bored one) cancels out the possibility of real romance – it’s just something to pass the time.

Quote #3

"It’s funny," I said. "It’s very funny. And it’s a lot of fun, too, to be in love."

"Do you think so?" her eyes looked flat again.

"I don’t mean fun that way. In a way it’s an enjoyable feeling."

"No," she said. "I think it’s hell on earth." (4.4)

Brett can’t handle her feelings for Jake – she wants him but can’t have him, which creates the sensation of "hell on earth" for her. Jake, on the other hand, experiences a kind of simultaneous pain and pleasure in seeing Brett.

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