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The Sun Also Rises

The Sun Also Rises


by Ernest Hemingway

Mike Campbell Timeline and Summary

  • Mike joins Brett in Paris. They go out for drinks, he gets drunk, and Brett takes him home. The following day he doesn’t remember having seen Bill and Jake.
  • Mike and Brett decide to go to Spain with Jake, Bill, and Cohn.
  • Mike and Brett are "delayed" in San Sebastian. Cohn meets them there. They arrive in Pamplona and Mike chats with Bill while Cohn, Jake, and Brett check out the bulls.
  • Upon their return to the café, Mike calls Cohn a cow and offends him. Unsurprisingly, Mike is drunk.
  • Mike and Bill party hard.
  • A few days into the fiesta, Mike takes another jab at Cohn. Jake restrains him before he’s able to take a swing at Cohn.
  • Mike and Bill party hard and chase women around the town. They get thrown out of a bar because Mike has a fight with some British guys he once borrowed money from.
  • Cohn shows up at the café where Mike, Bill, and Jake are sitting and demands to know where Brett is. Jake refuses to tell him so Cohn knocks Jake and Mike out. Mike claims that he wasn’t knocked out – he was just lying there.
  • The next day Brett drops by and reports to Mike and the gang on Romero’s condition (he’s been beat up by Cohn in the night). Mike is enraged and knocks the café table over. He’s drunk, and he keeps repeating a somber refrain: Brett had a Jew, and now she has a bullfighter. We see that his earlier bravado was really hiding his real insecurities and unhappiness about Brett’s unfaithfulness.
  • The following day Bill and Jake drop Mike off in San Jean de Luz.