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The Sun Also Rises

The Sun Also Rises


by Ernest Hemingway

Pedro Romero Timeline and Summary

  • Pedro Romero is introduced by Montoya to Jake. They chat briefly.
  • Romero is seen in the bullfight – his talent is immediately obvious.
  • A few days later Romero runs into Jake at a café. They share some drinks along with a bull-fighting critic and talk bulls.
  • Brett and Jake track Romero down in a café after Brett informs Jake she’s in love with Romero. Brett and Romero flirt. They leave, presumably to go… get acquainted.
  • Cohn storms into Romero’s room in the night, finds him with Brett, and beats him up. Brett cares for him and he rests for his upcoming fight.
  • During the fight he performs with grace. He has his cape and the ear of a bull he kills passed up into the stands to Brett.
  • After the fight he leaves with Brett. He asks Brett to change for him, but she refuses. Within a few days Brett asks him to leave.