The Sun Also Rises
The Sun Also Rises
by Ernest Hemingway
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Pedro Romero

Character Analysis

Pedro Romero is the great white hope of this novel. He preserves a kind of instinctive sense of honor and purity that Jake and Montoya recognize as the mark of the true bull-fighter. Brett is also drawn to him, but her admiration is both spiritual (she also recognizes his talent) and sexual. Unlike Mike, Jake, Bill, and Cohn, Romero is young and virile; at nineteen, he is too young to be damaged physically or psychologically by the war, since he was only thirteen when it ended. Romero is a symbol of all that is still healthy and good in the world – he is totally dedicated to his craft, and he loves it more than life itself. However, the introduction of Brett into his world throws all of this into question. As a result, Jake, who is culpable in the affair of Brett and Romero, feels incredibly guilty for thus endangering everything Jake, a true aficionado, holds sacred.

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