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The Sun Also Rises

The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway

The Sun Also Rises: But, Does It Always Rise in the East? True or False

1. What was Hemingway's first big hit?→The Scarlet Letter
2. The young people in this story are→Disllusioned
3. The Sun Also Rises was written in the 1920's. What other famous work was written at this time?→The Great Gatsby
4. Life in the post-war world as shown in The Sun Also Rises is→Confusing
5. If we were to re-tell Romeo and Juliet using The Sun Also Rises as a model, which of the following would be true?→All of the above
6. If you were to tell someone about Mike's work ethic, you might say→He's a total slacker
7. Who is everyone's romantic interest?→Brett
8. About what sport does everyone learn?→Bull fighting
9. Which city is not featured?→Juneau
10. The last line is→"Et tu Brute"