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The Sun Rising

The Sun Rising


by John Donne

The Sun Rising Resources


Poetry Foundation

The Poetry Foundation has put together a Learning Lab to help students discover more about the poem, complete with beakers and Bunsen burners. Just kidding.


The American Academy of Poets hosts a concise introduction to John Donne, many of his important poems, and a bibliography of his work, if you're hungry for more metaphysics. And who isn't?

John Donne: The Lover as Logician

Here's a helpful (if overly intellectual) introduction to John Donne and Metaphysical poetry.


Actor Julian Glover Reads "The Sun Rising"

The voice of Harry Potter's Aragog and the bad guy in Indiana Jones and Bond, Julian Glover looks out the window at the sun and recites the poem.


Actor Michael Stuhlbarg reads "The Sun Rising"

As part of their learning lab, the Poetry Foundation hosts a fine reading of the poem.

Articles and Interviews

T.S. Eliot on the Metaphysical Poets

T.S. Eliot saved the Metaphysical poets from irrelevance with this important essay. Try on your tweed and get reading.


John Donne's Poetry

The Norton Critical Edition contains the most accurate text, excellent footnotes, and critical essays about Donne, if you really want to dive in.

John Donne: The Reformed Soul

John Stubbs's authoritative biography analyzes Donne's complex religious and romantic inclinations.

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