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The Waste Land

The Waste Land


by T.S. Eliot

The Waste Land Resources


"The Waste Land" in Hypertext

Reading "The Waste Land," you might wish that you could click on links to follow the words and references you don't understand. Well here it is, in all its glory.

"The Waste Land" in Hypertext 2.0

This thing gives "thorough" a whole new meaning.

The Academy of American Poets Reclaims Eliot

Click here for a brief bio and a couple samples of his poems, including "The Waste Land."

The Poetry Foundation

Check out a more in-depth biography of your new favorite poet, along with some more poems.

The T.S. Eliot Society

Follow this link to a website run by folks who really, really like T.S. Eliot. Like, a lot.

"The Waste Land" for iPad

We're not so sure how T.S. would've felt about this, but they've got "The Waste Land" for iPad.

The T.S. Eliot Walk

In 2012, a large group of people walked around London and did a public reading of "The Waste Land" so they could check out the London landmarks Eliot mentions in the poem. So does that make them the "crowd flowing over London bridge?"


T.S. Eliot, Anti-Semite?

This video explores an aspect of Eliot's work that many critics find uncomfortable: the apparently harsh view of Jewish people contained in it.

Arena: T.S. Eliot: Part 1

Here's a really solid T.S. Eliot documentary made by BBC. You should be able to find all the parts to it if you search YouTube or click through the related videos.


Eliot Reads "The Waste Land"

Prepare to be totally creeped out by his totally creepy voice.

Eliot Reads "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"

Here's another classic in Eliot's ghostly old-man voice.


Eliot Old

Here's a color photo of Eliot as an older gent in a fine blue suit.

Eliot Young

The younger version…

Ezra Pound

What's "The Waste Land" without a picture of the wacko who cut most of it out? Check out this guy.

Articles and Interviews

T.S. Eliot Interview in The Paris Review

Here's a great interview that Eliot did with poet Donald Hall in 1959.


The Waste Land Facsimile Edition

In this version, you get to see the original version of the poem and all of those editing pen marks that Ezra Pound made all over the manuscript. This is where it's at if you really, really want to know this poem.

Reading The Waste Land: Modernism and the Limits of Interpretation

Here's another great book for helping you interpret "The Waste Land" in a super in-depth way.

Movies and TV

Experimental Waste Land Movie

It's pretty out there; but hey, so was Eliot.

Tom & Viv

Willem Dafoe plays Eliot in this movie version of the play depicting T.S.'s marriage to Vivienne Haigh-Wood.

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