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The Theft of Thor's Hammer
The Theft of Thor's Hammer
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  • Bridezilla

The Theft of Thor's Hammer: Bridezilla True or False

1. 1. What or who is Mjollnir? -> b. Thor's magical hammer made by the dwarves
2. 2. How does Loki find out who stole Thor's hammer? -> b. He doesn't have to find out, because he stole Thor's hammer.
3. 3. What is the name of the land of the giants? -> d. Thrym
4. 4. When Loki visits the land of the giants, who admits to stealing Thor's hammer? -> b. Thrym
5. 5. What or who is Thrym? -> b. The king of the Aesir gods
6. 6. Where has the thief put Thor's hammer? -> b. Deep in the Iving River
7. 7. What does the thief want in exchange for returning the hammer to Thor? -> d. He doesn't want anything in exchange. He just wants Thor's hammer.
8. 8. What or who is Brisingamen? -> b. The river that divides Asgard and Jotunheim
9. 9. What does Thor do to get his hammer back? -> d. He disguises himself as Freyja, wearing a wedding gown and accessorizing with Freyja's necklace.
10. 10. What does Thor eat at Thrym's wedding feast? -> d. A whole box of Pop-Tarts, a plate of eggs, and a pitcher of coffee
11. 11. What happens when Thrym discovers that his "bride's" eyes are fiery red? -> a. Loki explains that his "bride" has been so excited about the wedding that she hasn't slept for eight days straight.
12. 12. What happens when Thrym gives Thor's hammer to his "bride"? -> a. They feast some more.
13. 13. What does this myth teach us about Loki? -> b. It teaches us that Loki loves giants and hates the Aesir gods.
14. 14. What does Thor's hammer symbolize? -> d. Betrayal
15. 15. Why does Freyja make a point of proving how willing she is to lend her feather dress to Loki? -> a. She has a huge crush on Loki.
16. 16. What separates Asgard from Jotunheim? -> b. A wall of ice