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The Theft of Thor's Hammer
The Theft of Thor's Hammer
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The Theft of Thor's Hammer: Bridezilla Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around The Theft of Thor's Hammer? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!




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Q. 1. What or who is Mjollnir?

a. The king of the giants
b. Thor's magical hammer made by the dwarves
c. Freyja's magical necklace
d. The land of the giants
Q. 2. How does Loki find out who stole Thor's hammer?

a. He asks the Freyja, a sorceress, to look into her crystal ball.
b. He doesn't have to find out, because he stole Thor's hammer.
c. The thief sends him a letter explaining why he stole the hammer.
d. He borrows Freyja's magical feather dress that allows him to fly to the land of the giants.
Q. 3. What is the name of the land of the giants?

a. Asgard
b. Middle-Earth
c. Jotunheim
d. Thrym
Q. 4. When Loki visits the land of the giants, who admits to stealing Thor's hammer?

a. No one
b. Thrym
c. Freyja
d. Odin
Q. 5. What or who is Thrym?

a. The frost-giant and the personification of winter in Jotunheim
b. The king of the Aesir gods
c. Thor's BFF
d. Thrym is the name of Thor's hammer
Q. 6. Where has the thief put Thor's hammer?

a. In his sock drawer
b. Deep in the Iving River
c. He won't say
d. Eight miles beneath the earth
Q. 7. What does the thief want in exchange for returning the hammer to Thor?

a. He wants to rule Asgard
b. He wants Freyja's necklace, Brisingamen
c. He wants to marry Freyja, the most beautiful goddess in Asgard
d. He doesn't want anything in exchange. He just wants Thor's hammer.
Q. 8. What or who is Brisingamen?

a. Freyja's special necklace
b. The river that divides Asgard and Jotunheim
c. Thor's wife
d. The giant who stole Thor's hammer
Q. 9. What does Thor do to get his hammer back?

a. He causes terrible thunderstorms and won't stop until the thief returns his hammer.
b. He convinces Freyja to marry Thrym.
c. He enlists some dwarves to help him build a new hammer so that he can kill the thief and retrieve his old hammer.
d. He disguises himself as Freyja, wearing a wedding gown and accessorizing with Freyja's necklace.
Q. 10. What does Thor eat at Thrym's wedding feast?

a. He doesn't eat anything, for fear of blowing his cover
b. An entire ox, eight salmon, three barrels of mead, and the entire wedding cake
c. Reindeer ragout
d. A whole box of Pop-Tarts, a plate of eggs, and a pitcher of coffee
Q. 11. What happens when Thrym discovers that his "bride's" eyes are fiery red?

a. Loki explains that his "bride" has been so excited about the wedding that she hasn't slept for eight days straight.
b. He kills "her," and Loki doesn't even lift a finger to save Thor.
c. He falls even more deeply in love.
d. He sends her back to Asgard, saying she's not as pretty as he expected.
Q. 12. What happens when Thrym gives Thor's hammer to his "bride"?

a. They feast some more.
b. Loki steals the hammer, leaving Thor to fend for himself.
c. Thor immediately kills Thrym and everyone in his household.
d. Thrym uses the hammer to attack his "bride."
Q. 13. What does this myth teach us about Loki?

a. It teaches us that Loki is never helpful.
b. It teaches us that Loki loves giants and hates the Aesir gods.
c. It teaches us that Loki doesn't only cause problems, he can solve them too.
d. It teaches us that Loki is not very smart.
Q. 14. What does Thor's hammer symbolize?

a. Asgard
b. Strength and power
c. Love and marriage
d. Betrayal
Q. 15. Why does Freyja make a point of proving how willing she is to lend her feather dress to Loki?

a. She has a huge crush on Loki.
b. She hates that feather dress.
c. She wants to prove that she is smarter than any other Aesir god.
d. Since she is a Vanir god, she wants to prove her complete loyalty to the Aesir gods.
Q. 16. What separates Asgard from Jotunheim?

a. A bottomless pit
b. A wall of ice
c. The Iving River, which never freezes over
d. The underworld