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Theme for English B

Theme for English B


by Langston Hughes

Theme for English B Resources


Hughes on the Poetry Foundation

Check out his biography and more.

America's Langston

This site boasts a comprehensive biography, plus a cool timeline!

PBS 411

Check out what PBS has to say about our guy.


"Langston Hughes: Voices and Visions"

Check out this documentary on Hughes.

Library of Congress Bio

Here is the Library of Congress's video biography of Hughes.

Video for English B

Here's a jazzy video for "Theme for English B."


Student Reading

Here's one interpretation of "Theme for English B."

"The Negro Speaks of Rivers"

Hughes reads and talks about "The Negro Speaks of Rivers."

"I've Known Rivers"

Check out some audio from The Poetry Foundation about Hughes and his poetry.


Smiling Hughes

Here's a happy picture of Hughes.

Young Hughes

Here's Hughes at what might have been the speaker of this poem's age.


The Collected Poems

Get all of Hughes' poems in handy book form!

Poetry for Young People

Here's some kid-friendly poetry from Hughes.

Movies & TV

Brother to Brother

This movie looks at the Harlem Renaissance, with Hughes as a character.

Way Down South

This is a movie for which Hughes helped to write the screenplay.

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