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Theme in Yellow

Theme in Yellow


by Carl Sandburg

Theme in Yellow Analysis

Symbols, Imagery, Wordplay

Form and Meter

No need to start counting syllables on your fingers for "Theme in Yellow." There's none of that fancy form and meter stuff going on here. It's all free and conversational-like for our pumpkin-speak...


Our pumpkin-speaker is really the star of the show. From the very beginning we understand that the speaker is the pumpkin with the repetition of words like "I" and "me." So this poem is coming dire...


It's all about the setting in "Theme in Yellow." The imagery of autumn and all of its changing colors are the qualities that really bring the pumpkin-speaker to life. Without the "orange and gold c...

Sound Check

Since the poem is coming directly from the pumpkin-speaker, the overall sound has a similar conversational vibe to it. It's light, fun, and simple, but it also shares some qualities with similar ki...

What's Up With the Title?

Do we have any modern art fans out there? We can hear you causing a ruckus, probably because you're digging this poem's title so much, "Theme in Yellow." So what's the connection between this poem...

Calling Card

We know Sandburg likes to write in an informal way that really tries to capture the voice of America. He's not twisting his moustache and throwing around ideas we can't really identify with. So, wh...


It's safe to assume that "Theme in Yellow" is focused on the kids and the fun of Halloween and autumn. Our pumpkin-speaker keeps things simple for us but also poetic enough to allow that vivid imag...


Did you know Sandburg was a "hobo" at the ripe old age of seventeen? (Source.) Want to see Sandburg's dairy goats? Then check out Sandburg's National Historic Site. Our man sure was liked. (Source....

Steaminess Rating

It's about kids and Halloween, folks, so we're keeping it G-rated. In fact, Sandburg is known to be a kid-friendly poet, so schools love sharing his work with those bright young scholars of tomorrow.

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