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Theme in Yellow

Theme in Yellow


by Carl Sandburg

Theme in Yellow Resources


Sandburg Timeline

Facebook's got nothing on Sandburg's real timeline.

Radical Sandburg

Our man was known to have some "radical" political views.


Sandburg Gets a New Documentary

"The Day Carl Sandburg Died" will answer all of your most burning questions about the poet.

The Poet of the People

Here's a nifty explanation of what we mean when we say Sandburg was a "poet of the people."


That Conversational Sound

Here's a take on how "Theme in Yellow" sounds all conversational-like.

Even Faster?

This sounds like it was read by someone who was late turning it in for class (complete with locker slamming effects).


Smiling Sandburg

Poets can smile too, you know.

Theme in Yellow

Here's a look at just what our speaker was getting at.

Articles and Interviews

Guns and Sandburg

Before guns became a major topic for discussion, Sandburg was warning about the dangers of guns and violence.

Sandburg and the Chicago Race Riots

Our man was on the front lines documenting this very tumultuous time in America.


Chicago Poems

Here's the complete collection where "Theme in Yellow" first showed its "terrible teeth."

The Other Carl Sandburg

Get to know all about the stuff most people don't know about our man.

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