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Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt Movies & TV

American Experience: T.R. The Story of Theodore Roosevelt (2006)

PBS's American Experience special on Theodore Roosevelt is long, but meticulous. It's the kind of biography special you've channel-surfed through a thousand times. It includes actual footage of T.R., interviews with family and friends, scholarly commentary, and plenty of extracts from primary documents. The whole paints a clear, accessible portrait of the man and his policies.

NOVA: A Man, A Plan, A Canal—Panama (1987)

In 1903, Theodore Roosevelt unilaterally began constructing the Panama Canal. It was no mean feat, requiring not just massive financial investment and engineering planning, but diplomatic wrangling, political horse-trading, and violent revolution. In this NOVA special, author David McCullough explains the history of the Panama Canal, one of the most consequential and problematic parts of T.R.'s legacy.

Rough Riders (1997)

Relive T.R.'s crowded hour! John Milius directs Sam Elliott and Tom Berenger in this Hollywood reimagining of T.R.'s volunteer cavalry regiment. Tremble as Roosevelt decides to leave the security of D.C. for the danger of war. Watch the epic battle of San Juan Hill which will make him into a national hero. Thrill at the camaraderie, the bravery, and all those well-groomed mustaches.

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