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Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt Images

T.R.'s Birthplace

A photograph of the house where T.R. was born, preserved by the National Park Service


T.R. at four

College boy

A portrait shot of T.R. in college, before he saved his mutton chops

A young assemblyman

1883 silver print of T.R. as a New York City assemblyman

Alice Hathaway Lee

A picture of T.R.'s first wife, a notorious beauty

Badlands Hunter

T.R. had this photograph of himself taken to complement his first book of Western adventures, Hunting Trips of a Ranchman

Rough Rider

T.R. on horseback after returning from the Spanish-American War

Rough Riders

T.R. and the Rough Riders after the battle of San Juan Hill

Crazy Cowboy

1898 editorial cartoon satirizing T.R. as governor of New York

T.R.'s shadow

An 1898 political cartoon dramatizing T.R.'s fame

T.R. and the World

Early photograph of T.R. as president

Drawing the Line

The editorial cartoon, inspired by the President's 1902 hunting expedition, that in turn inspired the Teddy bear

Teddy Bear

One of the first Teddy bears

T.R. in riding attire

A 1903 photograph of President Roosevelt, dressed for one of his regular horse rides

Roosevelt Family

The 1903 official portrait shot of the entire First Family

White House Portrait

John Sargent's 1903 official presidential portrait

Roosevelt and Muir

Photograph of T.R. and noted conservationist John Muir

T.R. Bust

James Fraser's bust of T.R., commissioned by the senate

Editorial Cartoon

A 1904 Democratic editorial cartoon attacking T.R.'s presidency during his reelection campaign


Roosevelt operating a crane during the construction of the Panama Canal

Presidential Portrait

A reproduction of Hungarian Philip Alexius de Laszlo's 1908 portrait of T.R. at the end of his second term


T.R. and his son on Safari in Africa

Bull Moose

A Harper's Weekly comic celebrating the founding of the Progressive Party in 1912


T.R. about to embark on his exploration of the River of Doubt, in Brazil

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