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Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt Video & Audio

Roosevelt's Rough Riders

Some video footage of T.R. and the Rough Riders during a practice charge before their departure for Cuba

McKinley's Funeral

The first part of President McKinley's 1901 funeral

Terrible Teddy the Grizzly King

Thomas Edison Studio's 1901 burlesque, inspired by one of T.R.'s many hunting trips

Fourth of July

President Roosevelt's 1903 Independence Day oration

Hunting in Africa

A clip of a 1909 recording of T.R. during his African safari

The River of Doubt

Scenes from T.R.'s exploration of the headwaters of the River of Doubt in Brazil

T.R.'s Funeral

A movie of T.R.'s funeral at Oyster Bay, after his death in 1919

"The Right of the People to Rule"

A recording of a speech given by T.R. during his 1912 presidential campaign

"Social and Industrial Justice"

A recording of a different speech from the 1912 campaign

Richard Norton Smith on T.R.

An entertaining lecture delivered by presidential historian Richard Norton Smith at the Hauenstein Center in 2006

Roosevelt at Reno

Presidential impersonator Clay Jenkinson portrays T.R. in speech about the Spanish-American war

T.R in the East Room

Critically acclaimed Teddy Roosevelt impersonator Joe Wiegand portrays T.R. in the East Room of the White House on the occasion of T.R.'s 150th birthday

The Trust-Buster

A Histeria! Episode explaining T.R.'s trust-busting reputation

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