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There Is No Dog
There Is No Dog
by Meg Rosoff
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There Is No Dog Chapter 1 Summary

  • "OH GLORIOUS, most glorious glorious! And yet again glorious!" (1.1) Sounds good right? We are off to a nice start when we see a lady called Lucy frolicking around in the summer weather like some hyper Snow-White in the forest talking to her animal friends.
  • She is a smokin' hot babe.
  • Actually, she is the most smokin' hot babe on the planet and she is delighted by everything. Man. She loves being alive.
  • In the middle of her life-is-so-wonderful party, some guy walks by Lucy and gives her the stink eye for being too pretty. She doesn't seem to mind and prays to God that she will fall in love.
  • And lucky (maybe?) her, those prayers are about to be answered by the big man himself!
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