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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Chapter 12 Summary

  • Estelle is taking Eck back to Bob. On the way they stop at a cafe. Estelle lets Eck eat to his heart's content and he falls asleep on her lap. Sweet! Estelle seems like a nice girl—er, whatever she is.
  • At the café, she runs into a pretty blonde girl that we are going to assume is Lucy. Eck amazes her. She's never seen anything like him before—and she should know.
  • That makes sense, since he is the only Eck. Estelle lies to Lucy and tells her that he is from Madagascar (of course) and eventually they leave the cafe.
  • When Estelle gets to Bob's house, she tells him that Hed plans on eating Eck in six weeks, but Bob doesn't seem to care.
  • In fact, he starts abusing Eck the moment she's gone.
  • Once he's done with that, he starts bothering Mr. B about Lucy. Mr. B couldn't care less, and it shows, so God gets very pouty and sad.
  • Finally he gives in and asks for help.
  • Instead, Mr. B brings up the fact that there are people drowning in Florida while other people die of thirst in Sudan. Bob's excuse is that he is dyslexic and he's sorry, but Mr. B isn't buying it.
  • When he tells him as much, Bob looks lonely and lost. Bob asks for help again, and he tries to worm his way into Mr. B's heart by saying that Lucy is smart and nice, not just pretty with big boobs.
  • It still doesn't work. Bob tells Mr. B that he will never tell him anything about his life ever again, so there, and both we and Mr. B hope it's true.
  • It's probably not.

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