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There Is No Dog
There Is No Dog
by Meg Rosoff
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There Is No Dog Chapter 20 Summary

  • Mona has zapped herself over to Bob's place again, and this time she's soaking wet because of Bob's bright idea to tie the weather to his moods.
  • While Bob is away, she has a little chat with Mr. B and he tells her about Bob, Lucy, the weather, and how he has resigned.
  • Mona is totally gobsmacked by Mr. B's resignation because, even though she's Bob's mom, she has to admit that he sucks pretty badly at this whole God thing and it's probably not a great idea to leave him totally in charge.
  • So, she makes a little to-do list of her own: make Bob not suck (good luck), no more dating mortals, no more natural disasters, and no more pets getting eaten. Sounds good. With that, she poofs away.
  • Then alone with poor Eck, Mr. B notices that the Eck has been a bit depressed lately. Which makes sense. Seeing as he's going to get eaten and all.
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