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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Chapter 29 Summary

  • Lucy is more than a little aroused by the thought of Bob. He's all she can think about. She's at work, but she can't concentrate on a single thing—even though Luke actually smiles at her for once.
  • She doesn't have to wait too long before Bob shows up. They make plans to get down and dirty after she gets off of work tonight. Whoa there, Lucy!
  • Anyway, Bob waits around while Lucy and her co-workers tend to zoo business. Skype is there and Lucy seems unaccountably upset about her presence and friendliness with Luke. (Hm, we have some theories about that.)
  • At the same time, she starts to notice that Bob is, well, kind of a lazy sack of bones. But she's still upset when she comes back from getting tea and notices that Skype and Bob are talking.
  • Who is this Skype? We're getting majorly bad vibes from her.
  • Finally, Lucy and Bob leave. Lucy starts talking about the weather and the death toll. That totally kills the sexy mood for Bob, but she doesn't know why.
  • In fact, he doesn't get excited again until she tells him they are going back to her place, if you know what she means.
  • But that doesn't go too well, either. They start with the kissing and all the usual stuff, when Lucy seriously freaks out.
  • She runs away from Bob, starts making tea, and then gets going scrubbing some dishes. It's another strikeout for Bob.
  • Oh, also? Apparently, Mona has been watching the whole time. Gross, mom. But anyway she tells Mr. B all about it. It seems like mom's to-do list still has a lot of un-done items.
  • Bob tells Mr. B how his date went, and Mr. B actually seems a little bothered by the ending.
  • See, Mr. B is trying to be helpful, since he thinks that Bob and Lucy having sex is the only way for the crazy weather to stop.
  • Bob has other plans. Like, he's going to marry her. Mr. B tries to warn him that might not be a good idea, but teenager God just storms out of the room.

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