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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Chapter 30 Summary

  • Bernard, even though he is a vicar, doesn't have the kind of relationship with God that you would imagine. He's seen some bad stuff go down, so their relationship is a bit complicated.
  • Not like Facebook complicated. Really complicated.
  • Now he is thinking about the weather, the stranded people, and how this might be the end of the world. People are starting to get upset about sleeping in a church with tons of other people and supplies are wearing thin. Bernard is tired.
  • Then Laura comes into his room with some tea and cookies. When she enters the room, she thinks that he smells "arousingly vicarish" (30.12) and we seriously start wondering if anyone (or anything, for that matter) is not sex-crazed in this book.
  • Suddenly Bob barges in. Bernard, interestingly enough, hates him on sight, but Bob is here to talk to Laura.
  • This is where we learn that we do not want to get Laura angry, because the first thing that she does is start planning how to beat Bob up if she has to.
  • And then Bob kind of sort of asks for Lucy's hand in marriage. It's kind of more like a showdown than a proposal. We even get to see him go into God mode!
  • In the end, Laura doesn't agree, and Bob just kind of disappears. Because he's God and all.

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