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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Chapter 34 Summary

  • Mr. B, like a worried parent, is losing his mind over where Bob could be at this hour of the night. It's dark out there! There are gangs! And drug dealers! And wolves!
  • Even though he hates going out to Earth, Mr. B puts his pants on and goes all over looking for young master Bob. He checks all of the places that Bob is likely to be: bars, pool halls, brothels, etc. But, no luck.
  • For a moment, Mr. B pauses. He sees the moon on the water and the stars and realizes that Earth is pretty beautiful after all.
  • Somewhere else, Bob is lying around in his boat, admiring nature, and thinking about how awesome love is. He starts getting pretty deep when he explains that the whole reason why he lets so much bad stuff happen is because without it, there would be no reason to appreciate the good stuff. See, that's what makes Earth so great, despite all the flooding and wars and carnivores.
  • Huh. It looks like everyone has decided to go out on a boat ride tonight. Even Mona! Mona's boat is a bit more like a glass egg than a boat, which we guess is not weirder than a dress made of stamp books.
  • She's thinking (rightly) about how she's a horrible mother with a major gambling problem. She's gambled away one of her daughters, an ex-boyfriend, and even herself. (For a while.)
  • Bob drifts by for little mother-son chat..
  • Mr. B sees them from his boat and starts thinking about Bob again. He feels guilty for (1) leaving him alone, and (2) leaving Earth alone with him.
  • Next come Estelle and Eck, looking as happy as can be. Mr. B wishes that he could trade places with Eck and it's obvious that he likes Estelle more than a little bit.
  • In the end, Mr. B throws himself a little pity-party, crying about himself and all the poor people on earth.

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