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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Chapter 35 Summary

  • Hey, beautiful day! Bob is heading out for his boat date. He's got a fancy traditional style Egyptian boat and Lucy is impressed.
  • Everyone is out, happy for it not to be hailing, or storming, or raining lizards or something like that. It's a day that is made for love.
  • Lucy is even having a great time until she remembers that her boyfriend is super duper weird and sketchy.
  • Oh, never mind that. There's cheese and booze and the weather is great.
  • Bob even decides he might renounce his God-ship for Lucy so they can be together forever, or at least until Lucy dies. Whichever comes first. In all of their happy drunkenness, Bob asks Lucy to elope and marry him.
  • (PSA: Boats and alcohol don't mix, kids. Don't try this at home.)
  • Surprise, surprise, Lucy says yes. And they have sex! But we don't see it, because this book is classy like that.
  • Then Bob suggests that they run away together, and she says she will think about it. And she does. Lucy has a lot to think about.

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