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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Chapter 38 Summary

  • Mona is back at Bob's place, showing off her new fashionable seaweed dress while Bob mopes.
  • She chooses this moment to forbid Bob to see Lucy, and he flips his lid. Unfortunately, he can't do anything about it: his mom is more powerful than he is.
  • Mr. B is so ready to be out of here… except that, okay, he has to admit that he actually does care about all the silly drama. And even about Bob.
  • Bam! Suddenly, Estelle is there. She introduces herself to Mr. B and he lets her know that he is planning on leaving.
  • Like everyone else, she thinks that this is basically the worst idea ever. Without Mr. B, the Earth is done for.
  • Estelle puts on her thinking cap, and we can't wait to see what she's going to come up with. Hope it's good, because the Earth is in all kinds of a mess.

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