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There Is No Dog
There Is No Dog
by Meg Rosoff
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There Is No Dog Chapter 40 Summary

  • As usual, Bob is having filthy dreams. Estelle, who has let herself into his bedroom via a broken window, interrupts him from his fantasies.
  • She's here for the Eck.
  • At first, Eck is worried that she's just taking him off to be eaten by her dad, but he forgets everything when he sees the delicious cake that she brought for him.
  • Estelle leaves with Eck and Bob does something very bad and very stupid. He makes his whole building collapse. This kills the people living there, and it almost kills Eck. Estelle, being immortal (DUH) is not hurt at all, but she is pretty mad.
  • All we can say is, don't mess with this lady. She means business.
  • She gives Bob such a talking to that he transforms into a sad little rain cloud and runs back to Mr. B.
  • Oh, he's ready for that deal now? Fine, says Mr. B. Save the whales, and Mr. B will solve his problems.
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