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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Chapter 41 Summary

  • Luke is trying to be nice to Lucy with some small talk, until he starts asking about Bob. Lucy tears up, because she still hasn't heard from Bob since they had sex.
  • That was, like, six chapters ago. Not too cool, Bob.
  • Luke is kind of trying to flirt with her and failing, but she is starting to think that he might be an okay boyfriend. Better than Bob, at any rate.
  • By the time she gets home, Lucy is furious. She shatters a glass of wine against the wall and decides to go find Bob. We imagine, that just like drunk texting, this will not end well.
  • She gets closer to Bob's house and she sees the gory aftermath of Bob's little temper tantrum with Estelle. (A collapsed building.) She fears the worst, until she notices his own identical house right next to the collapsed one.
  • At first Lucy is confused because she imagined that Bob's decor would be way more artsy and interesting than the plain grey modern furniture that he has.
  • Oh boy. She sees Bob, and he's not looking too good. In fact, he's looking pretty crazy.
  • He's sounding pretty crazy, too, talking about having to go save the oceans or something.
  • Lucy hightails it out of there. Smart girl.

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