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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Chapter 43 Summary

  • Just checking in on Estelle and Eck. They are doing great. The best of friends. In fact, Eck thinks he has died and gone to heaven.
  • Feel those warm fuzzies? Good, hold on to them because we're headed back to Bob and Lucy's not-so-happy story.
  • So it's a while later now, and Bob just realizes that he sent Lucy away even though he was saving the whales so that he could be with her.
  • He decides that he has to see her, right then, even though he looks insane.
  • When he gets to Lucy's place, she tells him to go away (naturally).
  • Bob won't take no for an answer and he teleports into her house which (naturally, again) terrifies Lucy and her mom.
  • They lock themselves in the bathroom (um, gals? He can teleport through walls?) and Bob realizes that maybe this wasn't the best idea.
  • He tells Lucy that he loved her and leaves.
  • Back at home, Estelle is there. Bob tries to scare her but come on. There's no scaring this chick. She tells him that Eck has two days to live, but Bob has other things on his mind.
  • Now, just when Bob is at his rock bottom, he decides to act like God again and something happens. Something good? Bad?
  • Oh, hang on, it's time for a new chapter.

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