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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Chapter 5 Summary

  • It is breakfast time over at God's house. Mr. B is having his healthy breakfast as recommended by the FDA food plate, while Bob's breakfast is half a box of chocolaty cereal.
  • Not quite as healthy; way more delicious.
  • We learn that Bob has a pet, the Eck, who is described as a cross between a penguin and an anteater.
  • While everyone else is eating, Bob is having erotic dream about Lucy. (Yeah, gross.)
  • When he finally wakes up at noon, he whines about how he hasn't gotten into bed with Lucy yet and wants Mr. B to make her like him.
  • No go. Bob realizes that he has to go to the zoo all alone, but he doesn't even know how to get in. More whining. Mr. B ignores him (good plan), and then tells him to buy a ticket and get over himself. Totally unfair.

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