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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Chapter 8 Summary

  • When we meet Bob's mom (Mona), she's playing poker and drinking gin. Oh, hey! A cool mom.
  • She's having a grand old time.
  • Bob shows up with Eck and Mona wonders if the Eck is Bob's kid. Ugh, mom. Obviously not—just look at his nose.
  • Anyway, we meet two new characters, Mr. Emoto Hed, who runs this poker joint, and Estelle, who is his quiet daughter. She likes the Eck, and Hed likes Mona. It's a total like-fest.
  • Estelle feeds the Eck a plate of sandwiches, and for a while he is happy. Mona's poker game starts to decline a little bit. (Let's remember that she's been chugging gin.) But maybe it's not the gin's fault: she's just been dealt a postcard and a picture instead of cards.
  • Hm. Could one of the other players (who all seem to be fearsome Gods) be cheating?
  • Mona is mad. She transforms into a rage-monster, and we get to see that these Gods are actually pretty scary, even though they look normal and human most of the time.
  • She goes all God-power on the poker club, and starts a drunken rampage. It would be funnier if Emoto Hed weren't one scary dude, but he is. He makes her sit down and shut up.

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