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There Is No Dog
There Is No Dog
by Meg Rosoff
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There Is No Dog Dreams, Hopes, and Plans Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

Then she straightens and resumes her walk, humming a little prayer, which is not so much a prayer as a hope, a private incantation: "Dear God," she prays, "I should like to fall in love." (1.8)

Is there really a difference between a prayer and a hope? Maybe one difference is that a prayer is directed at someone, while a hope is personal. But if God is lazy or just not listening, is it still a prayer?

Quote #2

God's passion for humans always leads to catastrophe, to meteorological upset on an epic scale. What is wrong with the boy that he can't get it up for some nice Goddess? Why, oh why, can't he pursue a sensible relationship, one that will not end in disaster? (2.37)

It almost seems like Bob is drawn to hopeless situations. Maybe he likes mortals because they will dieā€”just like he thinks suffering and evanescence is beautiful. Hmm, maybe he's deeper than we thought.

Quote #3

Mr. B has seen it all before. Earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes. God's unique inability to learn from his mistakes: yet another wonderful trait he's passed on to his creations. (2.38)

Now we all know who to blame for the fact that, no matter how many times we tell ourselves we're not going to do it anymore, we still manage to lock ourselves out of the house.

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