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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

Analysis: What's Up With the Ending?

Lucy's face transforms and lightens, quick as a child's. "Oh, clever you," she cries. For an instant her unhappiness evaporates. It will return, but for now she throws her arms round him, wondering how it is possible that she is doing such a thing. The sun, which has already gilded the edges of the day, seems to settle on the two of them like a kiss.

He pulls free and grabs her hand, his brain struggling to retain the brief imprint of her body on his. He experiences a moment of sudden, glorious clarity and breaks into a trot, pulling her along behind him. By the time they reach the enclosure she is laughing. He does not let go of her hand. And so they stand, while the impossible fish float overhead, gazing at Lucy's capybara and (a little unbelieving) at each other, wondering at the state of miracles.

They are flooded with hope. (48.16)

Ah, what a marvelous happy ending. It may have taken Lucy a while to get there, but her prayers did get answered. She wanted love, and it looks like she may finally have found it. This is a pretty fitting ending, since every other problem has just been fixed up and tied with a bow.

Not only does this give us a nice tidy ending, but it also gives us a new feeling for what the future of Earth without Bob will be. We, like Lucy and Luke, are flooded with hope. We're hopeful that Mr. B and Estelle will be cute together, that Eck will still have his new friend, that Earth will get better, and that real love is possible. Consider our cold hearts warmed.

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