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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Friendship Quotes

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Quote #1

He hadn't known it was possible to experience so many intense feelings at once—misery, love, hunger, suspicion, excitement and of course the ever-present terror of mortality. The enormity of it made him quiver like a leaf. (27.6)

That's a lot of feelings for a tiny little Eck. But this is also the only relationship between a mortal (Eck) and immortal (Estelle) that seems to work—so maybe Bob should try just being friends with Lucy.

Quote #2

"Now I'm back," she said. "And do you know why?" Eck examined the question from every angle. It seemed a bit risky to guess. Estelle looked at him, her expression steady. "It's because I like you. And also because I'm extremely unhappy about my father's bet." (27.19)

That is how you know you have a real friend. They will go across galaxies looking at all the cool things in the known universe, but they will come back because they like you.

Quote #3

"I . . ." She paused to select precisely the right words. "I am doing what I can to influence him. But in the meantime, I should like us to be friends." (27.21)

Why do you think that Estelle wants to be friends with Eck? What can the Eck possibly offer a radical chick like Estelle? Here's an idea: companionship. Estelle seems just as lonely as anyone else. Sure, she's got her dad—but, come on. In God-mode, dad turns into an angry black hole. Not really someone you can cuddle up to.

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