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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Isolation Quotes

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Quote #1

Perhaps, she thought, it would be best if she didn't go into the whole thing about leering boys with the Holy Father. "I hope you don't mind my pointing out that it does put people off sometimes. Not that I'm complaining." Was she? "It's just that people seem not to see me sometimes. See me, that is, the real me." (15.15)

Weird, isn't it? The same beauty that you'd think would have Lucy swimming in boyfriends actually ends up isolating her from people. It's hard to be different—whether you're extremely beautiful, extremely smart, or—like Bob—extremely God-like.

Quote #2

The thought of seeing her again made him giddy. Was it possible that after all these years he had finally found a woman who would love him for his real true self? The him with emotions and feelings and needs beyond all that Supreme Ruler stuff? (16.25)

Okay, wait a minute. Doesn't Bob create his own isolation by always transforming into something else to find love? We're not even sure there really is a real him beneath all that Supreme Incompetence stuff.

Quote #3

For whole moments at a time, you could almost feel sorry for him. He did look lost. And if (by some quirk of fate) Mr. B happened to be in the mood to notice, he could see the isolation that enveloped Bob like a shroud, and the sadness too. (12.60)

Okay, so God isn't just a horny teenager, but a depressed horny teenager. Maybe he should try getting more sleep? Or maybe finding some nice friends his own age to play basketball with, or whatever.

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