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There Is No Dog Love Quotes

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Quote #1

And then there was her mother, always nudging her in the direction of suitable men, while hinting that in her day, you didn't just sit around waiting for Mr. Right; you went out, were proactive. The result of all this proactivity struck Lucy as equivocal. Her mother had obviously experienced many things in her time, but had ended up marrying her father—a perfectly dear man, but one with whom (even to Lucy's affectionate eye) she appeared to have little in common. Lucy's brain slid to her Godfather, Bernard, as it had many times over the years. Had her mother been proactive with him? (7.19)

According to Lucy's mom, we should all be on Match.com looking for love. But we're not so sure she's right. After all, she's talking about finding Mr. Right—not finding the love of your life. It's possible those aren't the same thing at all.

Quote #2

Bob's mouth twisted; his eyes glittered with unshed tears. "You know. Flowers and love songs and that. Like they do it." (18.21)

For all that Bob created the world, he doesn't know much about it. Bob is kind of like an alien (okay, guess he actually is an alien) looking down at our customs, and so he mistakes the TV-and-radio kind of love for the real deal.

Quote #3

"I love her more than the moon and the stars. And all that stuff." "Of course." Mr. B paused, wondering how much Bob cared for the moon and the stars, if at all. (29.80)

Oh, yeah. Very convincing. Will you be sending out the divorce notice at the same time as the marriage announcement, or do you think you'll wait a week or two?

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