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There Is No Dog Theme of Love

Ah, love. How many poems, songs, and overly sweet drugstore boxed chocolates have been created in your honor? Everyone—even Bob—seems to want love in There Is No Dog, but actually getting it is pretty tricky. Just like in real life, some people get lucky; some people just get dumped. And some people are just way too wrapped up in themselves to even see it. Happily for Luke and Lucy (anyone else notice how similar their names are?), sometimes love is just where you're not looking for it.

Questions About Love

  1. Who are the couples in this novel? What does their love look like? Are any of the couples especially convincing?
  2. What do you think Bob means by love? Is it the same as Lucy's definition?
  3. Is love in There Is No Dog something you have to be ready for? Is it something you have to search for, as Lucy's mom urges her? Or does it just come to you?

Chew on This

Try on an opinion or two, start a debate, or play the devil’s advocate.

Everyone in There Is No Dog is looking for love.

Bob is the book's most tragic figure, because only he doesn't end up with someone.

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