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There Is No Dog Lust Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Chapter.Paragraph

Quote #1

God is dreaming of water. In his dream there is a fountain, and a naked girl, and (of course) there is him. The water is warm, the girl willing; her flesh is soft. He reaches out a hand to caress her breast, curls his fingers instead round one slim arm . . . (2.1)

This scene is a perverted version of the perfectly innocent scene that happens in the beginning of chapter one, where we meet Lucy. Guess that tells us a lot about the differences between Bob and Lucy.

Quote #2

"I'll have her," says God. (2.35)

Gee, Bob can sure say a lot without saying very much at all. By saying "have" Bob implies that he can posses Lucy like a doll or a nice sandwich or a vintage Ramones LP. Of course, he's God, so he can. But that doesn't mean we have to like it.

Quote #3

And then Bob went on to create every creeping thing, and some that leapt and climbed and slithered and tunneled as well, and he told them to be frantic and multiply, which they did by the most gobsmackingly weird mechanism Mr. B had ever observed, one that slightly embarrassed him as well. He wanted to tap the boy on the shoulder and say, "Excuse my presumption, but are you quite certain about that?" (6.14)

Well, we guess it makes sense that a sex-crazed God would make his creatures use sex to reproduce. (Although it's definitely a little more complicated than budding.)

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