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There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog


by Meg Rosoff

There Is No Dog Resources


Bob's Oddities

Learn a little more about one of Bob's stranger creations, the slow loris.

Sorry, Mr. B

This article about whales is exactly what Mr. B was afraid of. Now how did Bob get them to fly again?

Movie or TV Productions

As Seen on TV

If you loved this novel, you should check out the film version of How I Live Now. (Just read it first.)


She's a Mac

Check out this interview for all you ever wanted to know about your favorite author.


Meg Rosoff says goodbye to Nora Ephron.

Whales Weep Not!

No, seriously, they don't. At least not according to fellow whale-lover D. H. Lawrence. Check out the whole poem. It's pretty awesome.


Queen of Weird

Rosoff talks and reads. To an Eck. And also herself? It's … weird.

The Inspiration

Why is it always old white guys, Ms. Rosoff? Let her tell you.


Listen to the soothing blend of American and British accents

Rosoff talks to NPR about, well, yeah, There Is No Dog.



Is this a long lost painting of Lucy?

Fashionista in training

Rosoff pokes a little gentle fun at herself.

I'm On a Boat

No wonder Lucy was impressed. We'd be impressed too if our date showed up with something like this.

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