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They Flee from Me

They Flee from Me


by Sir Thomas Wyatt

They Flee from Me Resources


Thomas Wyatt at luminarium.org

Hmm, we guess this means he's a luminary.

I'm Henry VIII I Am

A detailed page devoted to Henry VIII, to whom Wyatt was a trusted advisor. That is, you know, until Wyatt was accused of an affair with Henry's wife.

Tottel's Miscellany

Wyatt's poems first appeared in this book, which has an adorably goofy title, if we may say so.


"They Flee from Me"

Here, a rather creepily animated portrait of Thomas Wyatt recites the poem for your (dis)pleasure.


A Poet reads "They Flee from Me"

Well, we can't hear it in the voice of long-deceased Wyatt, but at least poet Geoffrey Hill is around to help us out.


Thomas Wyatt, the Elder

A very famous drawing of Thomas Wyatt. What a beard!

Thomas Wyatt, the Younger

Thomas Wyatt's son, who was executed for his role in a rebellion. He also has quite the beard, although it's a bit shorter than his father's.

Allington Castle, Again

And here it is again, from the front.

Thomas Wyatt's Handwriting

Can you read it at all? We certainly can't. Paleography class, anyone?

Henry VIII

Check out this famous painting of Henry VIII, wearing the biggest coat in the history of coats.

Historical Documents

First Publication

Here's an awesome peek at the way the poem appeared when it was first published in Tottel's Miscellany. You'll notice it had a different title in this book: "The lover showeth how he is forsaken of such as he sometime enjoyed." It's a little clunky, but it certainly gets the point across.

Title Page

And here's the title page from Tottel's Miscellany, published in 1557. Pretty neat, if we may say so.


Sir Thomas Wyatt: The Complete Poems

If "They Flee from Me" tickled your fancy, you can check out all of his poems (and boy are there a lot) in this collection.

Movies & TV

The Tudors

A show on Showtime in which Thomas Wyatt is a character (played by Jamie King). This show is not recommended viewing for the kiddies. If this is a PG-13 poem, then The Tudors is a rated-R show.

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