Things Fall Apart
Things Fall Apart
by Chinua Achebe

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Things Fall Apart Fear Quotes Page 4

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Quote 10

“But I fear for you young people because you do not understand how strong is the bond of kinship. You do not know what it is to speak with one voice. And what is the result? An abominable religion has settled among you. A man can now leave his father and his brothers. He can curse gods of his fathers and his ancestors, like a hunter’s dog that suddenly goes mad and turns on his master. I fear for you; I fear for you the clan.” (19.24)

The elders fear, rightly, that the younger men have forgotten their bonds of kinship and that has led to their downfall. Because the younger generation hasn’t held the clan together, their future is unknown, which is terrifying.

Quote 11

The leaders of the Christians had met together at Mr. Smith’s parsonage on the previous night. As they deliberated they could hear the Mother of Spirits wailing for her son. The chilling sound affected Mr. Smith, and for the first time he seemed to be afraid. (22.13)

Mr. Smith naturally fears something with which he is unfamiliar – the mourning and raging cry of a foreign god. This is also the first time that he has not been in complete control of the situation in Umuofia.

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