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Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart


by Chinua Achebe

Obierika Timeline and Summary

  • Obierika has a conversation with Okonkwo right after the murder of Ikemefuna. Obierika says that he wanted nothing to do with Ikemefuna’s death and Okonkwo shouldn’t have involved himself either.
  • That same day, Obierika negotiates the bride-price for his daughter. Later, he attends her marriage ceremony.
  • When Okonkwo is exiled, Obierika wonders why a man must be punished so harshly for a crime committed unintentionally.
  • In the second year of Okonkwo’s exile, Obierika comes to visit his friend and brings him all the money earned from his yams. Obierika also tells Okonkwo about the coming of the white missionaries to Igbo territory.
  • Obierika comes to visit Okonkwo again in Mbanta bringing the news that Nwoye has joined the missionaries in Umuofia.
  • At the end of the novel, Obierika takes the District Commissioner to see Okonkwo’s hanging corpse.
  • In a rare moment of discomfiture, Obierika loses his composure and accuses the District Commissioner of forcing Okonkwo – one of the greatest men he has known – to death and shame.