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Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

by Chinua Achebe

Things Fall Apart: It Was Really Bad True or False

1. Which might Okonkwo believe?I just don't want to be like my dad.
2. Our story takes place, for the most part, inMars
3. At the end, the District Commissioner isSad
4. If we believe the District Commissioner represents Western Civilization, at the end, we believeThe West has helped many around the world.
5. Ezinma isA dime a dozen
6. Ezinma inspires Okonkwo toShow compassion
7. What does Okonkwo do with Obierika's advice?Follows every word
8. Which is not a way to move up the social food chain in Igbo culture?Write a song that wins a Grammy
9. According to Okonkwo, what are "feminine" characteristics?Awesome at math
10. What does Okonkwo do that is just plain repugnant?Beats his wives